"A Personal Moment is a company which is a dedicated to making literacy fun and exciting by making the hero or heroine of every story your child."

A Personal Moment was founded by Juliet Masterman, a mother of 2. Her vision of improved literacy and fun learning for children is shared by us all at A Personal Moment. She regularly draws on the knowledge and excitement of her children, Matthew and Courtney, for feedback on interesting book titles and principles.

At its heart A Personal Moment strives to provide high quality and extremely entertaining adventures for children between the ages of 2 and 10. Focus on educational content is directing the stories towards exciting and informative reading for all children.

Julie's vision of "all children" is a cornerstone principle and efforts are underway to achieve translations into many languages, in particular the 11 official languages of South Africa, with two titles already translated into Afrikaans.

Our first aim is the release of 10 titles for children, each translated into 4 official South African languages by the end of 2008.

A Personal Moment's books are designed to last. We employ professional printing and binding principles to ensure that your Child's adventure remains a part of their life, forever.

Company Information

Registered Name : A Personal Moment CC
Reg. Number     : 2007/118200/23
Postal Address  : PO Box 878
                  Sun Valley
                  Cape Town
                  South Africa
Members         : JE Masterman (Managing)
                  CAB Mason

For more information please feel free to contact A Personal Moment via mediums listed in our "Contacts" page, or by sending an email to info@amoment.co.za.